Helicopter Tickets 2015

 Helicopter Tickets From Baltal- Neelgrath-Pahalgam- Panchtarni 2015

Helicopter Tickets 2015 are available from  two Routes

1. Neelgrath/ Baltal Route amarnath yatra helicopter tickets

2. Pahalgam Route amarnath yatra helicopter tickets

Without Heliiopter  tickets Amarnath Yatra Journey  is Not so easy . SO if You have money and want comfort then you must select helicopter Mode of Journey for the Amarnath Yatra. Since more than lakhs of passengers are visiting amarnath yatra so its not possible to get helicopter tickets for each and every passenger even after paying the hefty amount. In sort words you can say if you get helicopter tickets for amarnath yatra means you are very lucky and have full bless of lord Shiva's  on you.

We also provide amarnath yatra helicopter tickets with & without Packages. Without packages Helicopter tickets  will be provided subject to availability . 

Per day limit of helicopter tickets are around 500- 2000 each route but passengers reach in Lakhs to have darshan of shri amrnathji in approx 2 months period means avg 8000- 12000 per day. So having advance and confirmed tickets help you to have shri amarnathji darshan in comfort way.

Do not expect timing of the tickets expect whether you get the tickets for your desired date or not. Never put choices of time because its very difficult to fulfill that

If You have query related to  Only Amarnath Yatra helicopter tickets and no  Packages then fill the below form and send us, we will  help you to get the helicopter tickets from both the route Baltal and Pahalgam. 

 If You want  helicopter tickets with Packages then Click Here for Helicopter Packages with registration   and if you want trekking packages and no helicopter then  Click Here for Trekking Packages with registration and Click here for trekking packages without registration

 otherwise fill the below form to contact us for only helicopter tickets.

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To Know More About Helicopter Tickets , Its Prices,  and Availability from Baltal /Neelgrath  and Pahalgam  Route, Please call us at +91-9650179446 or mail us at shriamarnathjiyatra@gmail.com


After Getting Down From Helicopter 

i. The Holy Cave is around 6 Kms from the Panchtarni Helipad. The Yatris traveling till Panchtarni by

Helicopter will have to travel the distance on foot or on Ponies / Dandies as may be available at

Panchtarni. Yatris must read the general instructions (Dos and Don’ts), available  on our website.

iii. Refund will be made by the Operators  as per ticket printed price with as per cancellation policy


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